Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg talks about the importance of having a diverse lineup of games, and how it’s nice for 343 Industries and The Coalition to be a bit quiet.

Microsoft has been making quite a few announcements lately, but the house of Xbox has been quiet about what The Coalition and the main team at 343 Industries are doing. According to Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg this is a positive signal, as he told DualShockers during an interview at Gamescom in Cologne

Greenberg thinks that first party studios being quiet is a good thing. As a fan he knows that The Coalition is there, and they’re hard at work on “something,” and the same goes for 343 Industries. The question is how far in advance Microsoft should announce what they’re doing.

There are so many games coming to Xbox One over the next twelve months, and Microsoft feels good about its first party lineup. Greenberg feels that it’s nice to be able to have a strong lineup like that, and still be a little quiet about what is being done behind the scenes. That being said, he recently visited The Coalition, and he is “very excited” about the future of the Gears of War franchise. He is also very excited about the future of the Halo franchise.

Interestingly, Greenberg also commented on Black Desert Online‘s upcoming release on Xbox One: Microsoft believes that there is an opportunity to have more MMO games on the console, and Black Desert in particular has a strong following, but isn’t yet very well known in the west. So it’s a great opportunity to bring a great game to the console and give it more visibility in the west.

This was actually the idea behind the E3 show: showing a large and diverse line-up of creators from all over the world, including Europe, Korea, Japan and more. Microsoft “really want that diversity,” and the folks working at Xbox pride themselves on loving games and wanting to honor the creators and artist making these titles.

Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer himself is a game developer, and has a “deep appreciation” for this. According to Greenberg it’s not always about selling millions of units, and Microsoft wants to make sure that they have a good variety and a diverse lineup for their players.

Xbox Wants Diversity in its Games Lineup; it’s Good for Gears of War and Halo Developers to Be Quiet