Microsoft has been slipping fun Easter Eggs into Windows 10’s Insider builds, with the ninja cat meme being only the most obvious manifestation of this trend.

Another Reddit user yesterday spotted and posted a new easter egg where Windows error window read “Windows is opening a portal to another dimension”. This is potentially a reference to Minecraft, which Microsoft now owns and has been pushing for mixed reality and education purposes.

While Easter eggs are popular with fans and some customers, not everyone is enamoured by the thought of Easter Eggs.

In a 2007 post detailing the amount of due diligence done when adding an Easter Egg, Microsoft’s Larry Osterman branded the practice as irresponsible.

But it didn’t matter – we still shouldn’t have done it.  Why?  Because it was utterly irresponsible.  We didn’t tell the customers about it, and that was unforgivable, ESPECIALLY in a network server.  What would have happened if there had been a buffer overflow or other security bug in the Easter Egg code?  How could we POSSIBLY explain to our customers that the reason we allowed a worm to propagate on the internet was because of the vanity of our deveopers?  Why on EARTH would they trust us in the future?

That being said, Easter Eggs are still fun for both developers and users alike, and this particular one has only appeared on an insider beta build so far.

Spotted any other Easter Eggs in Windows 10? Let us know in the comments below.

Windows 10 adds a new Minecraft Easter Egg for Insiders