The Marvel’s Wanted pilot starring Lance Hunter and Mockingbird didn’t pan out, yet thankfully, Agents of SHIELD has found a way to bring a beloved team member we haven’t seen since Season 3 back to the series. Nick Blood will return as Hunter in episode 5, “Rewind.”

The new promo reveals Hunter’s return, and that Fitz has been held in captivity for six months. We don’t know who these people are (they look like military), but they have forced Fitz to help them find the missing SHIELD agents. Fitz has yet to come up with any plausible theories — the only thing he can come up with is that they’ve been abducted by aliens.

“You want to find them to bring them to justice, I want to find them so I know they are okay.”

Bring who to justice? It seems like a lifetime ago, but if you remember back to the Season 4 finale and the whole AIDA framework ordeal… there’s no question government officials need answers about what happened. Before the team was abducted, Fitz even offered to take the blame for messing with the Darkhold. But before he and Coulson can finish their discussion, the bald guy appears and next thing you know, everyone except Ftiz is in space. Even though AIDA and the Framework is Fitz’ fault, SHIELD is still on the hook and it appears the government officials are convinced they are on the run. And when Fitz said he thinks SHIELD was abducted by aliens, the woman tells him to enjoy spending his life in a cell.

Thankfully, Lance Hunter comes to the rescue. According to Blood, Lance and Fitz are integral to helping the team return from space.

“Oh yeah, I don’t think Fitz could have managed it without him — or at least that’s what I think Hunter tells himself ,” Blood told TV Line. “Fitz is very grateful to see him, despite the fact that some of his ideas don’t go quite according to plan.”

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely we’ll see Mockingbird join the fight. Adrianne Palicki is busy in The Orville, but who knows, maybe ABC is saving her return as a surprise. Blood did reveal his characters is at least still in touch with Bobbi.

“Well, he’s been up his usual tricks, doing some mercenary work and bickering with Bobbi… He doesn’t necessarily have access to all the bells-and-whistles and gadgetry that S.H.I.E.L.D. did, so he has to use his charm and his wit to break down doors, and call in a few favors from his dodgy friends — who at times are quite unreliable!”

The next episode of Agents of SHIELD airs at 9 p.m. on Friday. Are you excited for Lance’s return? Let us know in the comments.

Watch Agents Of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 5 To See Lance Hunter Return