The BlockWorks studio proves, yet again, that architects can use Minecraft as a design tool to produce rather magical results with impressive detail. The team of architects, designers, and animators envision mystical cubic worlds in response to what they refer to as “Briefs”, which include commissions from YouTube personalities, gaming networks, museums, and film studios as well as original submissions to actual Minecraft design competitions.

Although the designs are largely fictional, BlockWorks draws inspiration from real-world buildings from throughout history and even structural details by today’s starchitects. As expected, the team’s growing portfolio is pretty spectacular, and surely retains one’s attention for a good amount of time.

You can check out more of BlockWorks’ projects in greater detail on their website. Also, sneak a peek at some their project trailers below or on their YouTube channel.

All images via. H/T Kotaku Australia

Introducing BlockWorks: Cinematic Trailer

Aeternium – Minecraft Cinematic by BlockWorks

Tomorrowland – Minecraft Cinematic by BlockWorks