We often fawn over the intricate design elements of Funko’s vinyl figurines and really can’t fathom the journey one of these collectibles takes from initial drawing to their final home on our shelves. Yet, every so often we’re floored by how awesome some of the simpler designs end up looking. Case in point, these Minecraft Pops!Funko’s done low-res figures before but there’s something about these Minecraft characters that works so perfectly. Their blocky design transfers perfectly into the tangible third dimension that it’s like they jumped right out of the screen.As with most Funko lines, they’ve planned a bit of an “exclusive” hunt in order to get your hands on all these beauties. Once they hit stores in February of 2018, a glow version of Creeper can be found at FYE, a Charged Creeper at Gamestop, Walmart will have Steve in Gold Armor and Alex in Enchanted Armor, and you’ll have to head to Target to find the Skeleton with Fire.A real-life quest for these to adorn our shelves seems perfect for any Minecraft fan and is substantially easier than some of the accomplishments in the game. When players are so dedicated to a game they can create functional clocks, calculators, and accurate recreations of Westerosi locations from Game of Thrones—headed to a few different stores seems like a breeze.

What do you think of these new Pop! figures? Which Minecraft elements would you like to see them produce in the future? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

These MINECRAFT Low-Res Pixelated Funko POP!s Are Amazing