• One of the biggest games in the world is being turned into a feature film: The “Minecraft” movie is expected to arrive in 2022.
  • The movie was announced way back in 2016, originally with a planned 2019 launch.
  • The movie follows “the story of a teenage girl and her unlikely group of adventurers.” Presumably they will do some mining and some crafting along the way.
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The biggest game in the world is becoming a movie — but not justyet.

A film version of “Minecraft” is planned for release in 2022, according to Microsoft, and it’s got the director of “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” behind the helm, Peter Sollett.

But what is a “Minecraft” movie even about? We’re talking about a game where you mine resources and build stuff with those resources — there’s not much of a narrative to hang your hat on.

According to Microsoft, the “Minecraft” movie follows, “the story of a teenage girl and her unlikely group of adventurers.”

Minecraft (Super Duper Graphics Update)

More specifically, the plot revolves around a “malevolent Ender Dragon” that’s out to destroy the “Overworld” — the name for the main world in “Minecraft.” It’s up to that group of friends to stop the dragon and save their world.

It sounds like things are still pretty early in production, despite plans for this movie being originally announced way back in 2016.

Outside of the director, general plot, and release date — March 4, 2022 specifically — it remains to be seen what type of movie “Minecraft” becomes. One thing’s for sure: By the time we find out, it’ll be a whole new decade.