For all of you who told Final Fantasy XV to ease off with the crazy property cross-overs around the time Valve dropped the Half-Life Gordon Freeman Noctis skin for the game, Final Fantasy XV has one message for you: “Can’t stop, won’t stop.” Final Fantasy XV has yet another franchise crossover up its sleeve, and it’s one I’m honestly surprised we didn’t see earlier: A crossover with Minecraft. 

A brand-new skin pack for Minecraft lets you dress up the game’s blocky denizens as a host of Final Fantasy XV characters, from the obvious (Final Fantasy XV’s Four Beautiful Boy protagonists) to popular NPCs (Cid, Cindy), to some surprise appearances (Kenny Crow?).  

“Put that camera away, Prompto. We’re monsters.”

Resetera member “AlexFlame116” posted screenshots of the PlayStation 4 iteration of the skin pack, which arrived with Minecraft’s 1.68 update. It’s is currently only available in select territories, including Australia’s PlayStation Store. Microsoft probably gave the pack to Australia first as a way saying “Sorry y’all have to live alongside taipan snakes.” That’s a nice gesture. Don’t worry: We probably won’t have to wait long before the pack comes to North America. 

The Australian price for the Final Fantasy XV skin pack is listed as $4.85 AUD, which is roughly $3.99 USD. That’s a standard price for a Minecraft skin pack. If you ever aim to acquire a human skin pack, be prepared to pay a much higher price. 

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The Minecraft Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack Turns the Beautiful Boys into Blocky Boys