Minecraft is an experience that’s best shared with others.

Players can create a random generated server to craft, explore, and survive the night by themselves, or they can choose to join up with friends online to do whatever their imagination desires.

Depending on what you want to do in Minecraft, there’s something for everyone. You can face off against your friends online in daunting survival challenges, catch small creatures to help protect your homes, or just build a house with a couple of friends.

With that in mind, we scoured the internet to find a small selection of the best and most popular servers used by fans, gamers, and YouTubers alike for you to join and experience for yourself.

Joining Minecraft Servers

Joining a server on Minecraft for PC is easy.

First, find a server that you like and get its IP address. The address will either be a series of numbers or a small web HTML link. Load up Minecraft, click multiplayer, and then click the “Add Server” button.

Paste the copied link into the IP address option and then click “Done.” The server will then appear in the list right above the “Add Server” button for you to join whenever you want.

Server List

Hypixel Network (Mini Games)

Server: mc.hypixel.net

The Hypixel server is packed with a ton of different Minecraft-themed mini games for players to take part in. Paintball, Bed Wars, and Walls are just some of the game types that you can jump into from the start by using the server’s helpful menu system.

Shotbow (MineZ and Hunger Games)

Server: us.shotbow.net

The Shotbow server is the home of two of Minecraft’s most popular game modes—MC Hunger Games and MineZ.

In Hunger Games, players are forced into a battle to the death while scavenging for items, and the last player alive wins. As for Minez, players are dropped into a huge map and are forced to scavenge for food and resources to keep themselves alive for as long as possible.

Journey Gaming (PixelMon)

Server: play.journeygaming.com

Have you ever wanted to craft a house in Minecraft while capturing Pokémon at the same time? Well, now you can with this Pixelmon server.

In order to join the server and play Pixelmon, however, you’ll need to download the mod and a special version of Minecraft, which can be found on the Pixelmon website and Minecraft Forge website. Each website has guides for how to install and play the mod, so be sure to check those out.

Corba Craft (Vanilla)

Server: play.corbacraftmc.com

Corba Craft is one of the best Vanilla servers around. These servers are specifically designed to stop griefers and give you a safe environment to play the classic Minecraft game mode. The server sometimes resets, however, which means your creation might not always be there when you return.

Potterworld (RPG)

Server: PotterWorldMC.com

Here’s your chance to be a wizard and explore the world of Harry Potter to your heart’s content. Potterworld is a unique take on the Harry Potter world, offering its own unique story and housing system.

Players learn to become a wizard before flying off to Hogwarts and answering a set of questions to be put into a house. They can then work together with other players in their house in battles, quests, and more to try to win the House Cup.

The best Minecraft PC servers to cater to all your crafting needs