Back in August, it was announced that Minecon — the annual celebration of all things Minecraft — would take an altogether different form for 2017. The newly branded Minecon World aimed to expand the festivities well beyond the confines of the single city chosen to host days full of activities each year, instead taking the form of a 90-minute jam-packed event broadcast live from Atlanta to viewing parties and movie theaters around the world.

And if that wasn’t enough to catch your eye — which, let’s be real, is very appealing to those of us who love Minecraft but maybe don’t have the ability to travel to the highly hyped event each year — on Oct. 19, it was announced that there would be another familiar face hosting the event beside the legendary Lydia Winters: Will Arnett. That’s right; the man formerly known as GOB Bluth, Devon Banks, and Bojack Horseman is a Minecraft fan, too.

“My boys and I have so much fun playing Minecraft,” Arnett said in a statement about the event, adding, “but even more than that, I love how Minecraft inspires so much creativity in them. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of MINECON!”

Check out a full rundown of everything Minecon Earth over at the official site, the official launch trailer (featuring Arnett) above, and, for good measure, the best Bojack Horseman-inspired Minecraft video ever below.

The Annual Celebration of All Things Minecraft Just Got 1 Very Cool Cohost