All public school students will now be able to play Minecraft in class as the government foots the bill for the popular game.

Education Minister James Merlino announced today that all public school students will have access to the game.

“And in this game you can build digital worlds, but in some versions you can also do things like fighting zombies with swords,” Tom Elliott said.

Rebecca Martin, digital technologies coach at Fitzroy North Primary School, told Tom Elliott that aspect of the game isn’t used in her school.

“The benefit of the education version is that you can actually turn that off,” Rebecca said.

“We’ve been using Minecraft in the classroom for about eight years.

“For example, our 5/6 students have been looking at space and whether life can be sustained on another planet, so they jet off on a new planet that they have to colonize.

“They have to learn about sustainability, energy choices, economics and citizenship.”

Tom Elliott then spoke with an avid player, a captain, in fact, of the Minecraftables at school – his daughter Ava!

“I like it so much,” she said.