Nintendo’s most-loved mash-up franchise, Super Smash Bros., is finally coming to Switch soon, and ahead of the formal reveal of the game’s content, players are getting increasingly hungry for more information.

It’s just as well then that so many leaks are popping up around the internet, suggesting what we might be seeing in the title.

The newest spate of rumours suggests that Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch might be seeing some sort of Minecraft content.

This is information is circulating thanks to DasVergeben (a known source of information in the industry with a track record when it comes to leaks). The user revealed on the GameFAQs forum that Minecraft “may have a presence” in the upcoming fighting game.

We’ve seen Nintendo include links to characters before via trophies and similar rewards, so the inclusion of Minecraft could be fairly innocuous.

Though it could also come in the form of something more substantial, too: we could see a blocky, Minecraft-inspired stage or something similar, too.

It’s doubtful then that we’ll perhaps see iconic Minecraft main character Steve as a playable fighter.

As ever with E3-period rumours, take this with a grain of salt… you never really know what’s cracking off untuil it’s announced.

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The only thing we know for sure about the Nintendo Switch version of Super Smash Bros 4 so far is that it’ll be adding the Inklings – the playable characters from Splatoon.

But what we don’t yet know is how these characters will handle in the game itself – will they be tricky to play, will they be easy for a beginner to pick up, will they be God-tier? It remains unclear.

Luckily, Red Bull eSports asked some Super Smash Bros. pro players to weigh in with what they thought the newest additions will bring to the game.

Smash 4 Rosalina player Samuel ‘Dabuz’ Buzby states: “They’d have a good amount of mobility moves, things like super jump, dodge rolls, ink, and squid form – stuff from the game that would make them a mobile zoner.”

Diddy Kong player Jestise ‘MVD’ Negron adds: “I can see [them having] some sort of a bomb move, maybe a land mine or a grenade. I imagine them being able to combine that with a special ability to shoot and swim in ink.”

The duo goes on to explain that perhaps the Inklings will be primarily projectile-based, or that perhaps they’ll be able to incorporate multiple weapons in their movesets, giving them better versatility.

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch – Overview
Release date: 2018
Format: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Brawler
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch – What is it?
Super Smash Bros is Nintendo’s flagship series. It combines characters from all of the publisher’s biggest games and throws them into one world, pitted against each other in order to reign supreme.

You have the likes of Mario and Luigi battling it out with Link from The Legend of Zelda series, you have Pokemon defending themselves from Kirby, Donkey Kong trying desperately to blow Animal Crossing’s villagers off the edge of the world.

Even the Wii Fit instructor turns up to school Nintendo’s most famous mascots. It’s bizarre.

Gameplay involves up to four characters using special moves to get one over on their opponents, making the most of dynamic 2.5D levels to get the upper hand on their enemies.

This game will be the first Smash Bros. title on the Nintendo Switch.

You can read everything we know about the game so far here.