Do you like the Netflix original Stranger Things? In the first season, the show follows a group of children as they try to uncover the mystery behind the disappearances of several friends and members of the community.

It explores concepts like alternative alternative dimensions, and many more sci-fi tropes. Well, the second season is here and it looks like Minecraft is celebrating that with style.

According to Microsoft, creepers won’t be the only trouble that Minecraft players will need to look out for because the Stranger Things Skin Pack is here! Join fan-favorites like Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will as they explore the looming dark forces and save Hawkins! You have to survive the terrifying Demogorgon, adolescence, and horrendous 80s fashion choices in pixelated glory.

The Stranger Things Skin Pack is available on upgraded Bedrock Engine platforms through the Minecraft Marketplace for 490 coins. Other platforms are also getting the pack but they have to buy it for $2.99. The Stranger Things Skin Pack is definitely a great, spooky addition to Minecraft. However, keep in mind that Minecraft’s Halloween Spooktacular is taking place right now until October 31, 2017 so be sure to join a server and participate in the festivities.

Be sure to check out Minecraft at retailers if you haven’t already. The game is getting upgraded for Xbox One X so that will be a sight to behold. Additionally, be sure to check out Stranger Things on Netflix by downloading the application on the Microsoft Store.

Stranger Things haunts Minecraft today with a new skin pack