Amateur esports company Super League Gaming announced three distinct challenges for its Minecraft community all centered around the upcoming “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” movie on Monday.

Super League is gearing up for the Dec. 14 release of the animated film in style, with three competitions held between Oct. 27 and Dec. 9.

First up, Super League’s Minecraft City Champs tournament will have players battling it out in the new “Spider-Verse: Domination,” a mini-game inspired by the film that has teams of five battling to snatch up and then maintain points in a map of New York City based on the setting of the feature film.

The Minecraft City Champs competition will be held in select movie theaters across 16 competing, major markets in the US during four Saturdays in a row, starting Oct. 27. The competition is open to registered players 17 or under, and registration currently costs $49.99 for those who sign up by 12 p.m. PT on Monday. Participants will receive a special jersey and access to an early screening of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” In one of the cities (to be announced), a “Minecraft influencer” will greet the players in a red carpet style premiere, according to a press release.

Next up, Super League’s November Minecraft Monthly program’s theme will be “The Battle for NY,” and will also feature “Spider-Verse: Domination.” This competition will have players participating from the comfort of their homes every Sunday starting on Nov. 4. Players will compete in Super League Minecraft mini-games set in “film-based maps of New York City” for the chance to win some special prizes. The kickoff will include one “top Minecraft influencer” livestreaming as they play alongside the participants.

Finally, December will bring a build competition open to all American “Minecraft” players who want to try their hand at creating a “Spider-Verse” version of New York City inspired build. The competition will run from Dec. 1 to Dec. 9. The larger “Minecraft” community will be able to view these creations, which will feature “individual spots within New York City,” according to a press release, on Super League’s site.

Matt Edelman, the CCO of Super League Gaming, expressed his enthusiasm for the three competitions coming up soon.

“Super League Gaming is a player-first company – we constantly strive to bring more value into the player experience,” said Edelman. “Sony Pictures immediately understood that and encouraged us to design an authentic program to support ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ that would excite and delight our community. We can’t wait for it to launch!”