UPDATE, WRITETHRU after 9:20 AM post: The top two movies at the international box office are essentially neck-and-neck this weekend, with Sony’s debut of Spider-Man: Homecoming landing just ahead of Illumination/Universal’s Despicable Me 3. The rebooted story of Peter Parker caught $140M in its web, versus $139M for last week’s champ DM3. Both films had big, record-setting sessions in varying states of play.

Among the benchmarks, Homecoming had the highest launch of the Spider-Man franchise (in like-for-like markets and at today’s rates), and DM3 is now the Gru-viest opening weekend ever for an animated movie in China. It also pushed the Despicable Me franchise across the $3B mark worldwide.

Swinging into 56 overseas markets, Sony’s Homecoming set a new bar for Peter Parker on 23,400 screens — and there is joy on the Culver City lot today. The Jon Watts-directed film landed No. 1 starts in 50 of 56 offshore plays and still has 38% of rollout ahead, including in such key hubs as China, Japan, France, Germany and Spain. Combined with domestic, the global launch total is $257M

In the same set of markets that opened this session, and at current exchange rates, the Tom Holland-starrer is tracking ahead of Marvel cousin Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 (+20%); previous incarnation The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (+30%) and rival superhero Wonder Woman (+59%).

The Sony/Marvel mash-up came in well above pre-weekend predictions which topped out at $110M before folks started to become more bullish in the past few days. With today’s estimate, sources are pointing to emerging markets which helped bolster the major plays like Korea, Mexico, Brazil, the UK and Russia.

Even without China and Japan, Asia was a huge launch with $61.3M and Korea the only major in the mix. And it was major. SMH netted a $25.8M 5-day there for the 3rd biggest opening ever for a Hollywood film.

Likewise, Latin America was strong with $32.4M led by Mexico ($12M) and Brazil ($9.1M). In the latter, SMH is the biggest opening of all time for the month of July.

In IMAX, SMH grabbed $18M from 669 screens for the 2nd biggest global opening for a Sony title in the format. The international portion is $7M from 277 screens for IMAX’s top bow of all time with a Sony pic.

Of the reboot’s performance, Sony’s President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, Josh Greenstein, tells Deadline, “We couldn’t be more thrilled about Spider-Man’s triumphant return to the box office.” For Sony and creative partners at Marvel, this is “a giant win” and the studio is certainly welcoming it after a fair bit of time in the doldrums.

Offshore exits are still being gathered, but the general consensus is that the movie will continue to play amid some more serious offerings, and notably has captured a broad audience. That includes men and women under 25, plus the core Marvel base and a big swath of family business — particularly in Latin America where markets like Mexico and Brazil scored strong numbers propelled by the all-audience component (see more below).

Despicable Me 3
Universal Pictures

Meanwhile, Despicable Me 3‘s $139M in 60 markets this frame was bolstered by a record-breaking start in China. The threequel now has an offshore cume of $298.4M and a global haul tallying $447.6M.

In the Middle Kingdom, Gru, Dru and the gang made off with $66M (RMB 453M), setting records for the biggest opening weekend and biggest opening day for an animated movie. IMAX can also claim those records in China with a full $4M frame on 417 screens, eclipsing Kung Fu Panda 3 for the PROC’s biggest animated bow in the format. (DM3 will have some time to itself in China as the last Hollywood entry before the — unofficial — blackout that’s expected to run til at least the middle of August. Spider-Man is not yet dated, but will likely land in late summer.)

Looking at the like-for-like markets and at today’s exchanges, DM3 is running ahead of all comps, including Minions ($295M), The Secret Life Of Pets ($219M), Finding Dory ($210M), Despicable Me 2 ($195M), Zootopia ($175M), Frozen ($141M), Ice Age 4 ($202M) and Toy Story 3 ($186M).

This week, DM3 adds Indonesia. Also expanding is Pixar’s Cars 3 in Brazil, Korea, Spain, the UK and Japan. Key markets being added to Spidey’s web this week include France and Germany.

Fox’s War For The Planet Of The Apes will be the new gorilla in the room. Another critically-praised franchise entry, it releases in majors like the UK, Italy, Russia and Spain. In China, New Classics’ fantasy Wukong hits 420 IMAX screens.

Breakdowns on the titles above, as well as others at play internationally, have been updated below.



With a $140M debut in 56 markets, Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming has topped the launch of all previous pics in the franchise when considering like-for-like plays and at today’s exchange rates.

The last entry, Amazing Spider-Man 2, opened to $97M in like-for-like markets and at today’s exchange rates. Its non-restated ultimate IBO was $506M, led by China, the UK, Korea, Japan and Mexico. China and Japan have yet to open the current film.

Korea is by far the leader on Homecoming this weekend with a 5-day $25.8M start for the 3rd biggest launch of a Hollywood movie ever. SMH dominated at No. 1 with over 80% of the market — its first weekend is already bigger than Transformers: The Last Knight’s total after three frames. Korea is a strong Marvel market, and has done well by Spidey before.

Each of the 11 Asian markets to open this frame did so at No. 1 for $61.3M across the region. India, another solid Spidey hub, roared out of the gate with $6.5M, including previews. Indonesia was worth a very strong $6.9M, and Taiwan weaved $4.8M out of five days.

In Latin America, Mexico led the proceedings with $12M and Brazil was next at $9.1M for the biggest July opening ever. The region was worth $32.4M, pointing to the power of the family pull that SMH exacts. There were No. 1s in 9 plays.

While France and Germany are still to come, the UK led Europe with $11.8M amid strong competition and hot temperatures. A three multiple looks possible here, putting Spidey near the top of the charts for the year so far.

Elsewhere, Russia grossed $7.8M and Australia swung to $7.6M.

One of the softer markets was Italy with $3.1M. That’s not all that surprising given Italy can be a real crap-shoot in the summer as vacations kick in and moviegoing is not top of mind.

Each of the last three Spider-Man titles swung from strength-to-strength internationally, and introducing Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil War teed overseas audiences up for this new standalone spin. Also factoring, Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark has been heavily featured in the marketing and the actor participated in specialty stunt interviews overseas.

Holland was tireless in his promotional efforts, traveling everywhere from Mexico to France, the UK, Spain, Singapore, Russia and Korea. Those visits dovetailed with a nuanced and targeted campaign in global markets.

Next up for Peter and pals (and foes) are Germany and France this week.


Despicable Me 3
Universal Pictures

Illumination/Universal’s threequel has pushed the DM franchise across the $3B mark globally with $3.136B to date. That’s coming off of a great opening in China which broke records for first-day launch and weekend bows for an animated movie. With $139M in 60 markets this session, the international cume is now $298.4M for a global total of $447.6M.

DM3 is running ahead of all comps, including Minions which was at $295M internationally at the same point of play, in the same markets and at today’s exchange rates.

This weekend, the Kyle Balda/Pierre Coffin-helmed film opened No. 1 in 7 markets. That makes 56 total markets where the story of brothers Gru and Dru has launched in the top spot.

In China, Despicable Me 3 had the Gru-viest start ever for an animated movie with $66M or RMB 453M. (IMAX also notched a record for its best animated opening at $4M.) Friday’s $21.1M was 18% bigger than previous record-holder, Minions, in local currency and without previews. That film was given a Sunday date in September of 2015, following that year’s (unofficial) blackout period. Conversely, DM3 has the vaunted status of being the last Hollywood title released in the PROC ahead of what is likely going to be a long summer studio hiatus. (Bonus factoid: The first Despicable movie never released in China.)

France, where Illumination has a sort of home-team status, opened to $9.1M for the 2nd biggest company bow ever, behind Minions. Same goes for Germany which opened No. 1 with $8.5M. Belgium also is the 2nd best Illumination start ever at $1.4M — that’s the biggest animation opening of the year.

Other openings included Switzerland ($1.1M), Austria ($973K), Iceland ($112K) and Trinidad ($94K, biggest Illumination bow ever).

In holds, Portugal kept DM3 at No. 1, topping the arrival of Spider-Man: Homecoming for a $1.5M cume. The UK slipped to No. 2 behind Spidey with a $7.1M weekend for $25.7M to date. Mexico is looking at $6.1M this frame to lift the cume to $24.5M. Australia is in Week 4 and jumped 33% over last session thanks to school holidays. The total there is $18.4M.

There are seven more territories to release over the next two months: Indonesia on July 12; Japan July 21; Korea July 26; Slovenia August 3; Italy August 24; Turkey August 25 and Greece August 31.



The final Michael Bay-helmed film in the Paramount series added $18.1M in 47 markets in its 3rd session, taking the international cume to $375.7M. In China, Mark Wahlberg and Optimus Prime had already passed $200M earlier this week with the total there now $218.3M after a $6.8M frame.

In other cumes, The Last Knight has grossed $18.6M in Korea, followed by $15M in Russia, $12.3M in Germany, $11.4M in the UK and $8.1M in France.

Major markets still to come include Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Spain.


Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Trailer Super Bowl

In a key play for this Disney franchise, Pirates 5 has grossed $23.2M in Japan after just 9 days. In Russia, it’s the No. 2 movie ever — behind only Avatar — and at $40.3M. The full weekend added $9.9M in 45 markets for an international cume of $565.2M to rank as the No. 3 highest grossing film of the year at offshore turnstiles. Globally, it’s at $734M.

Drops were good including in Sweden (-26%) Spain (-33%) Australia (-33%) and Japan (-30%). With the China run ended, the cume there is $172.3M followed by Russia, Germany ($28.5M), France ($25M) and the UK ($24.9M).



Diana Prince lassoed another $6.8M in 64 markets this weekend for an offshore cume to date of $377M. The worldwide total is $745.8M. Japan is still to come for the WB/DC movie on August 25. While superhero movies (outside Spider-Man) don’t over-index in Japan, it will be interesting to keep an eye on the Amazon warrior in the market that leans in towards female protagonists. Here are the current Top 5 markets: China ($88.8M), Brazil ($31.7M), the UK ($27.2M), Mexico ($22.3M) and Australia ($21.5M).



Universal’s Tom Cruise-starrer is on track to gross $4.5M in 69 markets this weekend and raise the international total to $306.6M. That takes the worldwide cume to $384.6M. Japan is still to come on July 28. Key markets thus far include China ($91.4M), Korea ($27.5M), Russia ($16.7M), Brazil ($13.8M) and Mexico ($12.9M).



Sony’s other movie at international turnstiles, Baby Driver got away with $3.9M from 1,740 screens in 18 markets in the sophomore session. The UK is tops on the Edgar Wright-helmed actioner, adding $1.7M this weekend to take the cume to $8.3M. Spain’s debut frame was worth $900K from 390 screens at No. 2. The international cume now stands at $14M. The crowd-pleaser will cruise into further key hubs over the next month including Australia, France, Brazil, Germany, Mexico and Russia.


Watch Baywatch Super Bowl Ad

Crossing $100M this weekend internationally, Paramount’s Dwayne Johnson-starrer added $3.7M in the session for a $101.8M cume. Top play Germany has surfed to $16M in its 6th frame while France is now at $7.7M after three and with a handful of markets still to come.


Cars 3

Lightning McQueen’s 3rd time around the track has made Cars 3 the 2nd highest grossing Pixar release ever in India and the 3rd in Russia. With a 4th weekend in limited international release, the film added $3.1M for a total $60M to date across 27 markets. The global total is $193.7M.

In Australia, Cars revved upwards 9% for a $6.8M cume. The lead market is Mexico with $14.9M followed by Russia at $10.2M. Next weekend, Cars goes into overdrive with releases in Brazil, Korea, Spain, the UK, Japan, the Netherlands, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Argentina and Chile. France, Italy and Germany are on deck later in the year.



The House (WB): $1.4M intl weekend (25 markets); $5.4M intl cume
Rough Night (SNY): $1.3M intl weekend (28 markets); $14M intl cume
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (FOX): $1.1M intl weekend (10 markets; Australia up 10%); $14.7M intl cume
Beauty And The Beast (DIS): $400K intl weekend (Japan only); $756.9M intl cume — Japan wrapping at $109.3M
The Beguiled (UNI): $300K intl weekend (4 markets; biggest Sofia Coppola opening ever in Greece); $850K intl cume
It Comes At Night (UNI): $277K intl weekend (UK only)


Hengye Pictures

Horror sequel The House That Never Dies II grossed $14M in China this weekend to take the No. 2 spot behind Despicable Me 3. Raymond Yip’s previous film released in 2014; this one is directed by Joe Chien and follows the goings on at a haunted Beijing mansion. Horror’s not such an easy sell to Chinese censors, but audiences were keyed up for the sequel which is running during the Middle Kingdom’s unofficial summer blackout. Also scoring this session in the PROC was The One, from Zhengyu Lu, which blends comedy with cuisine. The film grossed $8.5M at home, per comScore. Up this week, and on 420 IMAX screens, is Derek Kwok’s Wukong, an action fantasy starring Eddie Peng, Shawne Yue, Ni Ni and Xiao Bai.