For many, gaming is a pastime to be enjoyed day-in day-out. The simple act of picking up a controller can open up so many worlds infused with imagination. For some, though, that simply can’t happen. However, thanks to the team at SPECIAL EFFECT, small strides are being made when it comes to MINECRAFT, with a new way to play opening up the game for a whole new audience.

Eyemine, which is available to download now for use with various eye trackers, enables those without use of their limbs or other disabilities to start creating for themselves on Minecraft. Months of trials has finally led to the full release, and Special Effect CEO Mike Donegan couldn’t be happier. It has now led to “an interface that can be used by many more people… all over the world.”

The software, which tracks eye movements until the user focuses on one particular spot for a certain length of time, is available for free. It is certain to be a godsend for many parents and carers who want to give their loved ones who previously couldn’t even dream of playing games such as Minecraft the ability to play.

If you feel like having a bit of a cry today, you can check out the BBC report below, which features 15-year-old Becky on her journey to becoming a fully-fledged Minecraft player. This is despite having lost use of her limbs due to quadriplegic cerebral palsy. It’s proof enough that, with all of the controversy surrounding gaming, it can still be used to help, rather than hinder, people’s lives.

Eyemine, which is used solely with Minecraft, is available to download here for anyone with a Minecraft account.


Special Effect Develops Technology to Play Minecraft Using Just Your Eyes