Even if Sony has started to mention new information about the company’s future PlayStation 5, it seems that they are not done with PlayStation 4 either. It is still going strong and consumers don’t feel the need for a new hardware or consider the platform out-dated. So, the discussions about Sony’s products are either focused on the future PlayStation 5 or on keeping the PlayStation 4 on the market for longer.

Sony is almost as important as Nintendo, a position which will enable the company to gain even more market share in the future but it shouldn’t be distracted by using more resources for one console than the other.

The PlayStation 4’s popularity
In 2018, PS4 will be on the market for five years. Sony may follow the PlayStation 3’s trend of lasting over seven years and go even further to confirm that it will last for three years or more, breaking the company’s record of such a lasting presence. Its lifespan may have been extended, but fans need to know what a future PlayStation will bring to the table. The company will consolidate the PlayStation 4 in order to catch the consumers’ attention and raise brand awareness for its next console.

The shift from the SNES-era systems to the PlayStation and from the PlayStation to the PlayStation 2 made Sony what it is today. The PS4 has introduced the 4K gaming together with Xbox One games but it seems that it would remain the last “traditional” console generation after the PlayStation 5 will be launched. However, the technological advancement will be a subtle one, making it easy to understand that consumers are really satisfied with the PS4.

The future PlayStation 5
Sony’s console will be the closest thing to a cutting-edge successor, leaving the days of testing proprietary hardware and Emotion Engine far behind. Whatever configuration of hardware Sony will use, it will look almost as a linear evolution of the PS4. The PS5 is expected to perfectly run your digital library of PS4 games, depending on the Blu-Ray drive. Since losing an entire library of digital games would be a great drive not to switch to a different platform, it would additionally lock consumers into their console choice.

Sony hasn’t made all the decision regarding the PlayStation 4 yet but it would be surprising if the company hadn’t already tried PS5 prototypes with a hybrid home console model for Switch or even with an eGPU for a portable device. However, in such cases, the hardware would likely be compatible with the PS4. The next console model will certainly have an upgraded hardware for the first time in Sony’s platforms.