PlayStation VR isn’t cheap, but including the camera is a great way to bring more players on board.

PlayStation VR may be the least expensive way to enter the world of virtual reality, but it still isn’t cheap. Previously, the headset sold for $400 in addition to the mandatory PlayStation Camera for an additional $60, but that changes this week with the newest PlayStation VR bundle.

Starting on September 1, the PlayStation VR’s standard bundle will come with a PlayStation Camera for $400, effectively giving customers a $60 discount. Sony says that this will be the “core” PlayStation VR bundle moving forward, so if you already own the camera but haven’t picked up the headset yet, you might want to act quickly.

In addition to the $400 option, those looking to also pick up a game with PlayStation VR can check out the $450 PlayStation VR Worlds bundle — previously called the “launch bundle” at most retailers. The package contains everything from the standard bundle and adds two PlayStation Move controllers and the PlayStation VR Worlds game. Coming with several different mini-games, including The London Heist, Danger Ball, and the enthralling Ocean Descent, it’s a great way to get introduced to VR technology, though not all of the games are created equal. VR Luge is a pretty mediocre racing game, and Scavengers Odyssey is all but guaranteed to make you queasy.

PlayStation VR has been on the market for almost a year, and its library of games has grown steadily. While short, Farpoint is the first shooter for the system to feel like more than a technical demonstration, and Superhot VR offers a nice twist on the unique first-person shooter. We’re particularly excited for Megaton Rainfall, which releases on September 26. The superhero game tasks you with defending Earth against alien invaders, all while you avoid destroying the skyscrapers that litter the planet’s cities. It’s also playable on a standard PlayStation 4 system, though its first-person perspective seems built for VR.

If you already have a PlayStation VR headset, you’ll be seeing some improvements in the near future. The next PlayStation 4 software update adds new surround-sound options in “Cinematic Mode,” as well as additional broadcasting options so you can stay connected with your viewers without removing the headset.

PlayStation VR gets a price cut, now comes with PlayStation Camera