Developer Bluehole has released a new update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC, this one aiming to improve the divisive play experience of the game’s recently released desert map, as well as offering enhancements to its new anti-cheat system.

Battlegrounds’ desert map, also known as Miramar, now features more off-road routes for easier vehicle navigation, changes to item spawning in certain areas for better loot balance, and additional buildings and cover across the map – all designed, says Bluehole in its latest patch notes, “to improve the engagement experience”.

Many players in the Battlegrounds community have expressed dissatisfaction with Miramar and have, in the absence of an in-game map selection option (although one is apparently incoming), taken it upon themselves to find ways to remove it from play – ranging from manually deleting the relevant game files to deploying tools that automate the process.

Bluehole’s patch notes sound like a tacit acknowledgement to the community that Miramar, in its current state, perhaps isn’t where it should be from a gameplay perspective.

Elsewhere, alongside general fixes and an improved replay system, the latest update also iterates on Bluehole’s new work-in-progress anti-cheat measures.

Cheating has become the bane of many Battlegrounds players in recent months, with Bluehole struggling to stay on top of rule-breaking ne’er-do-wells. This new anti-cheat solution is the first phase in the developer’s attempts to minimise the disruption caused by cheaters, and to make for a fairer, more enjoyable gaming experience.

Bluehole notes that its new anti-cheat tech is still in the testing stage, “and its stability and compatibility need to be verified”. It’s being released now in order to “collect data about potential compatibility issues, analyze it and solve any issues that may emerge”.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gets update to improve divisive desert map experience