The latest update Mjoang pushed to Minecraft has allowed players to create animated paintings, which pretty much means players immediately found a way to watch TV in-game.

Because the update breaks paintings into different textures, players have been able to mod the game so that the textures show video footage. Some players have managed to get smoother quality than others in their videos, but the process is essentially like creating a flip-book style animation.

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From PCGamer:

You can replicate it yourself by downloading the files in the post. Basically you just place the paintings and apply a resource pack. A word of warning: it’s 500MB, and having multiple animated paintings on a server will certainly cause a bit of lag.

Another user, ShaneH7646, put the entire Bee Movie into the game, because why not? It’s a bit like watching one of those picture flip books—it’s about 1600 frames, and another user calculated the entire Bee Movie at 30 FPS is 171,000 frames (which could be the answer to a very niche pub quiz question), but you get the idea.

Now, Bee Movie may not be the height of entertainment, but it is the height of meme culture for a certain group of humans. We’ve got so many versions of Bee Moviefloating around that putting it in Minecraft is possibly the least insane way we’ve screwed around with it.

That said, you’ve got to admire how fast gamers were able to turn the update into a really complicated way to watch a bad movie.