Sombra is a unique hero in Overwatch, a double agent that has her own agenda and is a total wiz at hacking. With Overwatch continuing to prove it’s a force to be reckoned with in the gaming community, it’s no wonder that there are so many phenomenal cosplays of this particular character. This one, however, has got to be one of our favorites.

This particular cosplayer is from Korea. Pion Kim is no stranger to bringing characters to life in stunning detail, but her take on the sleek hacker is just too good not to share.

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Sombra is known for taking information and using it against those in power. She came from the ashes of a tortured past, left orphaned following the Omnic Crisis. Though her country was destroyed, she picked herself up and taught herself skills that could help her survive and thrive.

After being taken in by the Los Muertos gang, she aided in rebuilding Mexico – though her means were dubious to some. After her security came into question, Blizzard mentioned “She later reemerged as Sombra, upgraded and determined to find out the truth behind the conspiracy she had uncovered. Sombra launched an even more audacious string of hacks, and her exploits earned her no shortage of admirers, including Talon. She joined the organization’s ranks and is believed to have contributed to its massive cyberattacks against corporations with strong ties to their governments. These efforts incited a popular revolution in Mexico against LumériCo and breached the security of Volskaya Industries, the manufacturing arm of Russia’s anti-omnic defense.”

Overwatch is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.