Tom Holland will not be the only one crossing over from Spider-Man: Homecoming to next year’s Avengers: Infinity War as his Peter Parker’s classmate, Sally Avril, played by Isabella Amara has also been confirmed in to appear in the ensemble movie. The young actress did not have a huge part in the web-slinging superhero’s first standalone under the Marvel and Sony collaboration banner, but she was featured in a handful of scenes.

As we all know, Infinity War will bring together almost every significant character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far as the heroes convene in the hopes of putting a stop on Mad Titan Thanos’ plans of universal domination. And while Amara did not drop any hints about her involvement in the Russo Brothers’ project, it’s likely to once again see her at Midtown High School.

The confirmation came from Amara herself in a conversation with while promoting her latest project, Wilson, where she co-stars alongside veteran actors like Laura Dern and Woody Harrelson.

“Yes. I’m in Spider-Man: Homecoming & Avengers: Infinity War. They are filming both Infinity Wars back to back but I’m only in the first one.”

Tom Holland and Avengers Infinity War One Of Spider Mans Classmates Is In Avengers: Infinity War

Currently, it is still very difficult to gauge what Sally’s role will be in Infinity War but like most comic book characters, she also had a complex history in the pages of the comics. At one point, Peter’s schoolmate wanted to be a photographer like him. She also took on a superhero role for a while calling herself Bluebird. Unfortunately, she was eventually killed in tragic car accident while trying to score some snaps of Spider-Man in battle.

Infinity War‘s growing cast list is only more of an indication of how big Marvel’s plan of bringing the MCU’s superheroes together is. Although cramming a lot of game players while telling a cohesive storyline can be difficult, the Russos’ work on Captain America: Civil War is a testament to their ability to make ensemble casts work

Avengers: Infinity War has been in production since January of this year in Atlanta, Georgia and as Amara mentioned, it’s yet-to-be-titled sequel will be filmed shortly afterwards. Other location shoots have also taken place including scenes filmed in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Scottish Highlands and Durham Cathedral in England.

One Of Spider-Man’s Classmates Is In Avengers: Infinity War