Markus “Notch” Persson could be working on a successor to Minecraft, with him recently revealing a series of images and videos from a new project with a similarly eye-catching design.

Notch is most famous for developing Minecraft before he handed over its Microsoft, with him selling both the sandbox game and his studio Mojang for an estimated $2 billion. Since then, Notch has mostly stayed away from game development, though he recently uploaded a slew of screenshots and videos for his new project “Voxels_WebGL2.”

Notch has noted that the project is “definitely not a sequel to anything,” but if this project does become something more substantial then it will be the first proper game he’s released since Minecraft. The project is in the very early stages of development, with Notch adding that he’s “just having way, waaay too much fun seeing how far I can push this tomfoolery.”


minecraft-2-successor-notchOn top of various screenshots of the project’s various structures and its sprawling, mountainous landscape, Notch also posted a video showing it in motion. Notch said that the core engine used by the game is called Core, while he’s writing the project in Javascript and “abusing WebGL 2.”

When a follower asked Notch what he’s making, the developer replied: “I have no idea. It’s a currently a voxel engine that runs in a web browser at 99fps with 60+km view distance with real time terrain generation. Oh, and all voxels are modifiable in runtime, although that will eat up the ram pretty fast. Just added real time reflections.”


Notch doesn’t appear to have bigger plans for the project right now, though he seems pretty pleased with the results thus far. Could this wind up being the Minecraft successor that his followers have been waiting for?

Notch Could be Working on a Minecraft Successor