Nintendo’s latest video game console is off to a killer start.

Nintendo SwitchJust look how excited these paid actors are to play the Switch!Nintendo

The barely three-month-old Nintendo Switch remains sold out everywhere. Its main launch game, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” is heralded as one of the best games ever made. And Nintendo has a huge new Mario game, “Super Mario Odyssey,” in the works that is scheduled for launch this holiday.

Between this year’s Switch games and what we found out recently about 2018’s Switch lineup, it looks as if Nintendo is finally delivering on its long-held promise to release a steady cadence of games from its biggest franchises. Heck, Nintendo just announced a full-on new Pokémon game for the Switch. That’s an outright first for Pokémon, a series forever tied to Nintendo’s handheld consoles.

Pokemon red blueThe first Pokémon games debuted on Nintendo’s Game Boy handheld console.Nintendo

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of what’s coming to the Switch in 2017 and what to expect for 2018 — follow that below:

2017: A new “Super Mario,” a sequel to “Splatoon,” a Pokémon spin-off, and a new series for Mario.