Miitomo, Nintendo’s initial entry into the world of smartphone apps, is shutting down. Nintendo has announced that it will stop selling Miitomo coins, the in-app currency, today, and service will end altogether on May 9th. You’ll still be able to use the app and receive Miitomo coins through login bonuses until then, and Nintendo is also planning to refund players for any purchased Miitomo coins that went unused.

Although Miitomo evidently didn’t set the world alight, it’s a surprisingly swift end for what was a widely hyped app upon its launch just under two years ago. Miitomo made use of Miis, the company’s trademark avatars, and offered several quirky ways to communicate with friends. But with Miis deemphasized on Nintendo’s current smash hit console, the Switch, and with the company’s mobile efforts now focused on adapting more traditional games like Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, perhaps Miitomo was never going to be long for this world.

Nintendo is shutting down Miitomo