Bandai Namco has released another trailer for Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, which shows off just a bit of the praise the game has received. The trailer showcases some of the scores and positive remarks reviewers have lavished upon it, supercut with some of the gorgeous fotage from the game.

Ni no Kuni II follows young Evan’s journey to reunite and reclaim his kingdom as well as the involvement of character Roland in the grand scheme of things. We’ve seen several different looks at combat, as well as other glimpses of the great-looking game thus far, but this trailer is all about trying to get you to want to embark on the journey with Evan, Roland, and company.

Our own Alex Gibson rated the game a 5/5:

“This second adventure has been worth the long wait in every respect, and I’m already salivating over the prospect of what the future holds for the series. Until then, though, I’m contented to remain at Evermore, immersing myself in the delight of building my very own Revenant Kingdom.”

If you’re interested in seeing what’s going on in the sprawling sequel to the Studio

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Draws Praise in Latest Trailer