Microsoft and Mojang released a new Minecraft trailer on Saturday that showed off new pandas and cats that are coming soon in an update.

The “Cats & Pandas: A Minecraft Fable of Friendship” trailer above shared the background of cats and pandas in Minecraft, two types of animals that have a surprising amount of lore and history with each other. Saying that the two species were competing in a napping contest that went awry, they eventually worked out their differences and were able to meet in Minecraft.
What all this means for Minecraft players is that they’ll soon be able to find cats and pandas in their games after the update is released. Found within the jungle, the pandas are usually laying around eating bamboo, Mojang’s description of the Minecraft trailer said. Players can feed bamboo to these animals and can even build them an enclosure to keep them near camps and houses.

“A nap-off gone wrong leaves cat and panda relations in shambles. After many failed attempts at peace, the two sides find common ground,” the Minecraft trailer explained. “When they’re not sneezing or snacking on bamboo, pandas can be found rolling around the jungle.”


Can cats and pandas peacefully co-exist in #Minecraft? 🤔 Let’s see… #X018 #InsideXbox

6:18 AM – Nov 11, 2018
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Cats, not to be confused with the ocelots, will also be added in the upcoming update. These animals will chase around other mobs that are nearby and will also bring players gifts occasionally.

“Cats are curious but kind, chasing other mobs and bringing ‘gifts’ to their masters. And of course, both lounge and laze as they please. Revamped cats and precious pandas are coming to Minecraft soon!”

If the cats and pandas additions sound familiar, it might be because players have already heard about them or experimented with the new content themselves through past betas that previewed the new animals. Back in October, Mojang shared an article on the Minecraft site that previewed the cats and pandas and what all they’d be able to do in Minecraft. It also encouraged players on the Xbox One and PC devices to give the new content a try through the game’s beta program, so some players have already been testing the content for a while.

All the new cats and pandas and their accompanying content will be added in an update seeon, though neither Mojang nor Microsoft revealed a release date for the update.