The latest addition to Netflix’ roster of shows comes from the popular Minecraft gaming franchise, along with an interesting twist: you can actually choose your own ending.

Minecraft: Story Mode – which was developed by the last remaining employees at troubled studio Telltale Games before it tragically closed down – lets you make choices to determine how the story progresses across its five episodes. The first three are already out, and you can stream them right now.

So yeah, it’s not exactly a game, because you can’t control characters’ movements and actions. You’ll start off with a quick introduction to how the series works, before choosing a male or female version of the protagonist, Jesse, and taking off on an adventure to save the world with your crafting skills and your buddies. Oh, and comedian Patton Oswalt voices one of the characters.

Minecraft: Story Mode can be streamed on smart TVs, game consoles, iOS devices, desktops, and smart TVs via Netflix’ service for them; if you want to watch it on an Android device, you’ll need to grab the official app from Google Play to do so.

Via Windows Central

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