As part of its Minecon Earth event taking place this Saturday November 18, Mojang has announced that it will be holding a special event to allow fans to vote for Minecraft’s next mob.

There are four options to choose from, but only one will actually make it into the game (at least for now).

The options available are in the gallery below, with descriptions below of each beneath:

Mob A, The Monster of the Ocean Depths – an ocean monster which will attempt to drown you with its “tongue-like tentacle”.

Mob B, The Monster of the Night Skies – a flying, “manta-ray-like” monster which targets players who haven’t slept.

Mob C, The Great Hunger – a “cute-looking” mob  that sinks into the ground and waits for things to fill into its “huge mouth”.

Mob D, The Hovering Inferno – a master Blaze that appears in the Nether with a powerful shockwave attack.

While all of these sound delightful, it will be up to fans which one is added to the game; details on how votes will be cast have not yet been revealed, other than an instruction to tune in to the Minecon Earth livestream, which begins Saturday November 18 at 5pm GMT/ 12pm EST / 9am PST / Sunday November 19, 4am AEDT, with a pre-show starting twenty minutes before. You can watch the show here.

Mojang Is Letting Minecraft Fans Choose the Game’s Next Mob