Minecraft players who have been enjoying the first phase of Update Aquatic have found an innovative way to use the Pufferfish to their advantage.

One of the many new features added through Update Aquatic was the spiny Pufferfish that expands to defend itself when players draw to near to it. It can be a pain for players to navigate around – unless you have one of those fancy new Tridents to sort out the new mob – but these new Pufferfish addition can also be used by players to fend off more hostile enemies.

A Redditor by the name of SonicwaveMC shared the news within the Minecraft subreddit that Pufferfish could injure not only players, but also other mobs like Creepers and Skeletons. The user submitted a video that shows the Pufferfish defense system in action by dropping a gaggle of enemy mobs into a Pufferfish deathtrap as many of the fish expand to fend off the foes while making short work of each enemy.

You’ll notice that some of the Pufferfish do perish in the process, but this doesn’t appear to be a result of the fish hurting each other. A potion thrown by a Witch at the last second hits the water and clears out some of the Pufferfish, so the damage to the rest of the Pufferfish school isn’t done by the fish themselves.

The fact that they can damage mobs while not damaging each other opens the door to new defensive possibilities. One of the first things joked about in the Redditor’s thread was that this could be used to create a discount moat that protects players’ structures with Pufferfish instead of something more menacing like sharks or piranhas, but there’s still some truth to the joke. These new animals could absolutely be used to fill a body of water that surrounds something you don’t want enemies getting near since they’ll actively defend themselves against anything that gets near them. They’ll still damage players as well though, so you’ll have to make sure your entrance and exit strategy is Pufferfish-free.

It also makes sense to use the Pufferfish in a defensive manner like this since you really can’t do much with them otherwise. You can use them to create a water-breathing potion, but they’ll poison players once consumed and can’t be used to tame Ocelots. Players will have the most luck using these in Creative mode where you can place them where you please, but if you can reroute a large school of Pufferfish to the proper destination in Survival, it’ll be quite the defense against mobs.

Minecraft’s Update Aquatic Adds Unexpected Pufferfish Trap