The newest Minecraft beta update comes with the ability to make a customized version of yourself, as spotted by VentureBeat. Developer Mojang announced the feature in a blog post, noting the change alongside a slew of performance and gameplay fixes.

The Minecraft Character Creator lets you personalize your avatar within the game, the first official tool for doing following years of mods and third-party skin creators handling the task. The new tool lets you tweak everything from facial features and hairstyles to skin tones and facial hair. Mojang says that more than 100 customization items will be available for free. It’s also introducing a range of custom accessories, but you’ll have to pay for those. Of course if that’s not enough, there’s still the option to import your own custom skins on Windows 10 and mobile.

It’s no Super Duper Graphics Pack, but for most casual players this should be a fun update that adds a lot of new options without adding any effort. Mojang says the feature is currently available for beta testers, and it will roll out at a later point to Minecraft Earth and other platforms like iOS and Nintendo switch.