Dreaming of the deep blue sea? Quench all your marine needs with the first phase of Minecraft’s latest Aquatic expansion, now available on Xbox One, PC, and more.

Now when you dive under the watery blocks of your Minecraft world, it won’t just be a blue abyss with scattered temples here and there. Now you’ll see dolphins, new types of fish, corals, kelp and sea grasses, buried treasure, and more. The seas even coordinate with the nine different biomes now too. For the full list of features in this first release, head on over to the announcement post.

Every player on Xbox One, PC, mobile, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and mixed reality platforms has access to this new expansion right now, totally free of charge. If you’re playing the Java version on PC, you’ll get the update soon. Xbox One players will need to download the latest version from the Xbox Store.

Mojang and Microsoft have not yet announced when the expansion will come to PS4 or Switch, or when the second phase will launch. But in other Minecraft news, Switch is getting cross-platform achievements for the title on Xbox One June 21.