Mojang announced last week that it will take a vote on which of three Minecraft biomes will get major new upgrades first. The vote, which takes place on September 28 to coincide with MineCon Live, pits the Swamp, Mountains and Badlands biomes against one another. As of today, we know a bit about what the Badlands update will entail.

In a short video uploaded to Instagram, the studio summed it up:

If you couldn't be bothered watching the video, the Badlands update will receive tumbleweed, a “fancy new cactus” and vultures, which are drawn to loot “left behind by unlucky explorers”. 

Of course, these are pretty scant details in a very short video. I'm not sure if the eventual update will boast more stuff than is listed here, but all we can do is wait until similar videos are released for Swamp and Mountains (Updatehere's the video Swamp, and here's details for Mountains). These videos will release some time between now and September 28, which is the day voting will occur via livestream.

Of course, not everyone is satisfied with the biomes currently offered in the vote: demands that the Cave biome be revamped have been issued by the fanbase for years, as this tweet neatly sums up:

Minecraft@Minecraft · Sep 23, 2019

Hyped about our MINECON Live biome vote? So are we! Head over to our Instagram to learn more about our first biome of the three: Badlands! 

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