Microsoft’s Xbox One (and previous generations) has seen a variety of skins. However, most are released or announced in partnership with a new game. This helps drive awareness (aka news articles, such as this) and usually provides diehard fans with some extra goodies, usually in the form of greater storage (1TB for this model).

And now there is an Xbox One S for the die hard Minecraft fans. And while I’m no Minecraft player – far from in fact – I actually find the console visually appealing thanks to its simplistic yet notable approach. In other words it’s easy to recognize that this console celebrates Minecraft and you really don’t need to be a fan to figure that out.

The front or top of the console is composed of a set of blocks that are made up of wood, grass and everything in between.

Minecraft Xbox One S Back

The circuitry found in Minecraft can be found on this console.

The back plays on the “Redstone circuit.” Redstone is Minecraft’s electricity system. Odds of this portion of the console being on display are slim, but what should be important is that you know it’s there.

Minecraft Creeper Controller

The Minecraft Creeper controller sells for $74.99

It also ships with a controller that is the same vein, only it’s an ode to the Creeper. And if you didn’t know, the Creeper is an enemy in Minecraft. Take a close look at the controller and you’ll see face at its center. The Creeper apparently creeps, ignites its dynamite and explodes. And hence the TNT art that is found on the back of the controller. Pretty neat in fact. It will sell for $74.99 and notably separately, but one ships with this console.

Minecraft Pig Controller

The Minecraft Pig controller sells for $74.99 and doesn’t ship with the console.

And if you’re feeling rich, there is also another controller that reps the always adorable pigs in the game. On the front of the controller is the pig’s face. The back you ask? Its tail, but of course. This controller, like the aforementioned green one, will also sell for $74.99.

Unfortunately, there is no matching Xbox One headset.

That all said, you can preorder the Minecraft Xbox One S today, with arrival 10/3/2017, for $399.99

Minecraft Xbox One S Console Ships for $399