The developers of Minecraft are planning a refresh of the textures in Minecraft, and have just released version 3.3 for those who wish to try it. The new textures give the game a slightly more natural look, thanks to its lead designer Jasper Boerstra.

Minecraft textures are getting a refresh to give it a more natural look.

While the post doesn’t tell us what all is changed with version 3.3, the textures are available to download for anyone running the Java edition of Minecraft. Mojang also plans to release the textures on the Minecraft Marketplace for anyone running the Bedrock edition.

Minecraft’s new textures are available on the Java Edition now, with Bedrock Edition coming soon.

For those unfamiliar, the Java Edition is the original edition of Minecraft, playable on any computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux with Java installed. Microsoft later released the Bedrock Edition for Windows 10, Xbox One, and even the Nintendo Switch, which bring cross-platform multiplayer to Minecraft players on Android and iOS.

Boerstra says that the new textures will eventually replace the default ones in Minecraft, while the older version 2 textures will still be available for free for those who might feel a bit nostalgic. If you’re interested in trying the new ones, Mojang has written step-by-step instructions on how to download and apply them in the Java Edition.