Minecraft has received one last-minute hotfix update for the PS4. Here’s what new and fixed in this update.

4J Studios has released a brand new update for Minecraft PlayStation 4 edition. Last week, they released the holiday update on PS4 and other legacy platforms and announced that they were cutting all support for them going into the new year. They have now followed up the holiday update with a small hotfix that is available to download now on the PS4.


Minecraft update version 1.84 patch notes can be viewed in full below. They fix a critical crash with the game.

Minecraft Update Version 1.84 Patch Notes For PS4
Change log for Patch 1.84 – December 21st 2018

Fix for a crash that would could occur when loading a world or exploring an existing world.
Fix for Salmon, Pufferfish or Tropical Fish dropping Cod when killed.
That’s it for the patch notes. Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition along with the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will continue to get support from 4J Studios heading into the new year. The legacy systems like the PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii U are not going to get any future updates.

Minecraft is available now on a variety of devices including the PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, PC, Smartphones, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. It is one of the most popular games worldwide and has sold through millions of copies.