Minecraft is now available for beta-testing on both Windows 10 and Android platforms. Users will be able to play on this new cross-platform.

Microsoft had an announcement on their blog u to date according to which Minecraft will also be able to be played on Xbox One in the near future. Their blog update had the title: “Better Together” and talked about allowing all players to access and play Minecraft no matter the platforms they use.

The full update will be launched this fall after all the bugs have been “evicted”, but Switch won’t have a beta testing, though it will not be disregarded. New features for Minecraft players will also be added, such as stained glass and even parrots. Yes, parrots!

Players will also be able to access and play the old version worlds after the update and will be able to enjoy mini games that were on old console Minecraft editions.

Minecraft Won’t be Updated on the PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 users will, however, be left out, since Sony doesn’t want the update for their consoles. The reason why Sony didn’t accept updating Minecraft is that they want to keep their users safe from other content than what’s to be found on their PlayStation Network. Microsoft had addressed this issue in their blog post, though.

Minecraft Will Keep Its Players Safe

They said that this update will allow players across all devices and platforms access the content and find friends alike in the multiplayer world of gaming. Minecraft will also be keeping the children safe, because Xbox Live provides parent control for all platforms and will let parents restrict and choose the content, adjust communication or settings regarding sharing content, making it a proper and family-friendly solution for gaming.

Microsoft added that a lot of parents are more preoccupied about their kids’ safety and prefer to have control over their accounts.

Minecraft Update Is Available On Windows 10 PC And Android With Improved Features