After launching on other platforms first, Minecraft’s Update Aquatic is now available for the game’s Java players.

While those with the Windows 10 version of the game were already enjoying the underwater features of the update, the other half of the PC players had to wait a bit longer. The update adds various form of marine life, the potential for some exceptional underwater structures, and more features, and as of this week, it’s out for all players on the PC platform.

With the Java edition now released, the Update Aquatic is out for just about every platform that Minecraft is available on. The PlayStation 4 playerbase, however, still doesn’t have the Update Aquatic content with no timeframe shared of when it might be released.

To see some of what’s new in Update Aquatic, you can read up on general changes and the new blocks below, but the full Java notes can be seen here.


All undead mobs now sink
Changed underwater visibility
Your vision will gradually increase the longer you’re underwater
Overhauled world generation
Overhauled command parser
Added new world type “Buffet”
Allows you to create worlds with a unique biome
More features will come to the Buffet world type in later updates
Added a bunch of new sounds
Added three new pieces of music
Added underwater ambience sounds
Added a swimming animation
Press your sprint key underwater to start swimming
Added data packs
Allows you to edit recipes, tags, loot tables, functions, and advancements
Added new advancements
Some blocks can now be waterlogged
Use a water bucket on a block to surround it with water
Added an “Optimize World” button (singleplayer -> edit world -> optimize world), which upgrades an entire world from older version to the latest version in one go


Added blue ice
Found in icebergs
Added coral blocks
Added coral fans
Added coral
Added conduit
Combine 1 heart of the sea together with 8 nautilus shells to create the conduit
Makes your life underwater a lot easier
Added dried kelp block
Combine 9 dried kelp to create a kelp block
Added kelp and seagrass
Normal pumpkins no longer have a face
Added carved pumpkin
Use a shear on a pumpkin to carve it
Added sea pickles
Added bubble columns
Use either magma blocks or soul sand to create a bubble column
Added wood block
Combine 4 logs of any type to create a wood block
Added stripped wood
Right click with an axe on either logs or wood to create stripped wood
Added prismarine stairs and slabs
Added variantes for all 6 types of woods for pressure plates, trapdoors and buttons
Added turtle eggs
Be sure to protect them from hostile mobs