Monuments to the 1917 Revolution’s leader Vladimir Lenin can be found in most Russian cities, but Siberia’s Krasnoyarsk may now have the most unusual one. Unlike the original, the pixelated Lenin won’t live forever, as it is made of cardboard.

The cardboard Lenin statue looks like it has come right out of the world of popular computer game Minecraft. It was unveiled in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk as part of an art project at a local state museum on Thursday. Incidentally, it is situated in Karl Marx street.

The pixelated Lenin stands in his iconic pose with left arm outstretched. The statue is placed atop one of the platforms near a local museum center, which was itself named after the revolutionary leader until the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991.

The creator of the “Minecraft” Lenin, Aleksandr Zakirov, told Russian media that his work of art is meant to honor Lenin’s “visual image” as it had become a kind of “brand” long ago.

“Monuments to Lenin have recently been demolished only, but I have erected one,” Zakirov said. He added that his creation will last only one month, as it is made of cardboard and will soon get soaked in the snowy city.

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Not everyone is happy with such an image of the leader of the October 1917 Russian revolution, which marked its centennial in early November. The leader of Krasnoyarsk’s Communist Party denounced the idea and called it “a mockery.” Speaking to Govorit Moskva radio station he vowed to demolish the monument.

Minecraft-style Lenin monument unveiled in Siberian city (VIDEO)