Now that Minecraft is on every computing device save for smart fridges, it’s not a big surprise to hear that it will soon be making its way to a streaming service in a fashion: Minecraft: Story Mode is debuting on Netflix on November 7, 2018.

This is usually the paragraph where I tell people about the game, but come on. It’s Minecraft. Minecraft: Story Mode was originally a point-and-click adventure made by Telltale Games. That spin-off has now been spun off yet again into a Netflix series.

While television shows and movies based on video games are pretty hit-or-miss, Netflix’s Minecraft: Story Mode will at least make an effort to stick to its gaming roots. It will be an interactive show that can make use of pretty much any television remote that has directional keys. Netflix has had a few ventures with interactivity in the past with classic properties like Stretch Armstrong. You likely won’t see anything too complex; the trailer on the show’s web page displays a few of them and they boil down to “Choose A or B” kinds of decisions.

Five episodes have been produced in total. The series will utilize the voice talents of Sean Astin, Patton Oswalt, and Catherine Taber.

Telltale Games was making a video game based on Stranger Things which was revealed last year; the developer had subsequently been fined after the game’s existence has been leaked. The streaming company indicated that they’ll be sticking to videos for the moment. Of course, they’ll still be perfectly happy to snap up licensed IP like Minecraft, The Witcher, and others for their own adaptations.

This interactive television show was the one core project that was being worked on by Telltale Games after most of their staff had been laid off, although odds are good that the rest of the final The Walking Dead game will see the light of day.

Minecraft: Story Mode will debut on Netflix on November 7, 2018. Be sure to pop over to the show’s web page and have a look at the trailer!

What do you think of Minecraft: Story Mode coming to Netflix? Are there any other game properties that you think would make for a good adaptation by the streaming service? Let us know in the comments below!