Minecraft PS4 will continue to get updates from Mojang despite Sony not agreeing to implement its Better Together update, which enables cross-play.

Writing on the official blog, following Minecraft update 1.52, Mojang confirmed it will support the PS4 edition going forward.

Here’s the full quote:

“As you probably know, we’ll soon be bringing you the Better Together Update, which will combine console and mobile editions into one super-lovely version of Minecraft – but that doesn’t mean we’re twiddling our thumbs in the meantime! Console Edition will still be getting updated with new features, and those platforms which won’t support the Better Together Update will continue getting updates even after it lands.”

The Better Together update will allow players of PC, mobile and Xbox to use their saves on any platform.

The Minecraft developer has apparently been trying to persuade Sony to change its mind about implementing the next major Minecraft update, but it appears that Sony isn’t budging.

Still, it’s good news that Minecraft PS4 players can still look forward to future updates of the stupidly popular sandbox adventure.

Minecraft PS4 updates to continue despite Sony’s stance on cross-play