DENVER (CBS4) – Thousand of families spent their weekend at “Minefaire,” an event in Denver that brought Minecraft players to meet in one expo hall.

Minecraft, a video game which allows players to create and play in their own world, attracted players of all ages.

“It is like I am making my own little world. And, it is my own little escape from reality,” said Gabriel Garcia, a Minecraft player.

Minefaire is one of was the largest gatherings for Minecraft players. Garcia’s family attended the event. All admitted to playing the game before, including parents.

“It is kind of like a new generation, next level, Legos,” said Adriana Garcia, the mother.

“It is like Lego, but unlimited inventory,” said Chris Danilo, Director of Operations for the event.

The Garcia children competed at Minefaire. Some were tasked with building their ideal campsite. They were only given a controller, and used their imagination to create the rest.

Adriana Garcia said she thought the game encouraged her children to be creative, while also understanding computer sciences.

“I think it is good for them,” Adriana Garcia said.

“They are able to create their own world. They can use their imagination,” Albert Garcia, the father, said.

“I think a lot of parents are worried about the screen time for their kids. Minecraft is probably the best thing you could do, as far as video games,” Danilo said. “Minefaire is a great opportunity for kids to show their parents, ‘Hey, look at this cool thing that I am in to.’ And, the parent gets to learn a little bit about their world, and their universe.”

Adriana Garcia said she hoped her children would see the event as a way not only to have fun, socialize, and be creative. But, she also hoped it would encourage them to consider a future in coding.

“With the coding side, I think that is the direction my kids are going,” Adriana Garcia said.

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