Minecraft and Undertale cross paths in a fan-created video, where Steve falls into Mt. Ebott recreating the intro of the low-fi indie game.

Both Minecraft and low-fi indie adventure Undertale with games like Fortnite and Deltarune stealing their spotlight. But creators are still working on making some cool fan projects — even if it means merging the two unlikely franchises together. A newly-created video focuses on just that, offering up the intro of the game in a new light.

Posted by Redditor u/Dodu-, the video seems innocuous enough. The 25-second video starts with Minecraft protagonist Steve climbing a gigantic mountain. Following the ascent, Steve falls through a crevice in the middle of the mountain, hitting a pitch-black section. Tiny, yellow flowers greet the player before he turns to a purple sheep.

You can catch the full video below:

Make no mistake–work was put into this. While there are naturally-developed caverns, caves, and sinkholes in Minecraft, Dodu explained that he had to blast this section out using TNT.

Now what does this have to do with Undertale — let me step in and deconstruct that for you.

For everyone who has never played the RPG Maker title that struck internet fame, each game begins with the same intro — following a war that broke out between Monsters and Humans. Despite coming out victorious and sealing the Monsters underground, in the year 201X humans have been falling through a hole at the top of Mt. Ebott. Those who manage to fall through that hole are never seen again.

You, as the game’s protagonist, trip and fall into Mt. Ebott, starting Undertale‘s adventure.

The game opens up to a quick dialogue section — you are introduced to Flowey, the seemingly innocent flower-like creature that “welcomes” you to the game. That is, before purple-clad goat mom (Toriel) drives the vindictive flower away and whisks you to her home.

So there you have it–Steve climbs the mountain, falls to the bottom, is greeted by flowers, and has his first encounter with Toriel.

It’s worth noting that recreating intros are a pretty popular meta in the content creation game. Lest we forget the recreation of Super Smash Bros. Melee‘s intro using UltimateOr perhaps how we saw someone make remake Avatar: The Last Airbender and Star Wars scenes in that title as well.

In many ways, Undertale has reached a revered meme status. Despite Toby Fox’s other game Deltarune coming in to steal the spotlight, we are still seeing cool collaborations like Groove Coaster working songs into their game and Jack Black singing “Megalovania”. On the other end, Minecraft seems to be winding down — the Nintendo 3DS version just received a final update, ushering the end of development on that handheld platform. And though the movie is in active development, it may be having some production woes.

Minecraft is currently available on quite literally everything — whether it be your Nintendo Switch, tvOS, or toaster. Meanwhile, Undertale is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Vita. Oh, and Minecraft is purchasable on Amazon if you are interested and haven’t picked it up yet.