The launch of Minecraft Marketplace in June has been a more than $1 million boon for creators.

Microsoft officially launched the Minecraft Marketplace as a storefront for partners to sell their creations in June. Since then, Microsoft says, Minecraft creators have collectively earned more than $1 million for their creations.

To recap, Minecraft Marketplace serves as a way for creators to make some money for their work, but it gives users a safe place to acquire new content as well. Partners are already selling adventures, worlds, texture packs, and more on the Marketplace, and several new bits of content have been added in the months since launch.

One million dollars an impressive number, to be sure, but the program is still young and fairly limited. Marketplace launched with an initial roster of nine partners, and that has since expanded to 12. Microsoft says there are plans to add even more partners over time, which will likely mean we’ll see even greater milestones hit more quickly in the coming months.

Minecraft Marketplace creators have earned more than $1 million since June launch