Minecraft Marketplace creators have raked in over $1 million collectively by designing and selling (among other things) their own custom adventures, texture packs, and character skins.

It shows there’s a real appetite for user-made content within the community, and suggests Mojang and Microsoft weren’t too wide of the mark when they claimed creators would be able to earn a living from the game.

It’s worth remembering the marketplace only launched in Spring, at which point only nine creators had been approved to sell their wares. Mojang has since added another three to its partner roster.

Those given the go ahead can then set flexible prices, with players making purchases using Minecraft Coins — a new virtual currency. Store platforms wll then take a 30 percent cut from each purchase, but creators apparently see the “majority” after that.

Anyone registered as a business can apply to become a creator through the Minecraft Partner Program, but only those with proven experience and a high-quality portfolio will be accepted.

Minecraft Marketplace creators have earned $1M by selling user-made content