Creators using Mojang's Minecraft Marketplace have made more than $1 million since the service launched in June, the company has announced.

The program, which allows Minecraft community members to make money from their user-generated in-game content, runs alongside the Minecraft Store, and has seen users create everything from their own adventures, worlds, texture packs and characters skins over the last few months.

Microsoft, who now owns Mojang, also released a statement saying it is continuing to expand the Minecraft Marketplace team. Since the service launched in June, the number of partners has risen from nine to 12, with plans to keep adding more as the months go on.

Highlights from the Minecraft Marketplace so far include Dinosaur Island, which lets players confront wild raptors, tame triceratops and raid ruins while they explore the island's mysterious ruins, and Infinity Dungeon EX, a randomly generated dungeon adventure. July also saw the release of the colour-coded Cyber Space Team Pack and a pet-themed skin pack, as well as a variety of mini-games and extra kingdoms.

Microsoft recently announced a limited edition Minecraft Xbox One S bundle, which is due to hit shelves on September 12th. The console, which features a unique voxel-based design, also comes with a special Creeper-themed controller.

Minecraft Marketplace community partners have earned over $1m since June