Minecraft has blitzed through yet another record player count, with the multi-million selling survival phenomenom having notched up a staggering 74 million active users during December 2017.

The figure was confirmed by Minecraft overlord Helen Chiang during a chat with PopSugar, although she didn’t clarify how this figure was broken down across the many platforms the game is supported on.

‘We just recently set a new record in December for monthly active users, so now we’re at 74 million monthly active users—and that’s really a testament to people coming back to the game, whether it’s through the game updates or bringing in new players from across the world,’ she said.

Minecraft updates have been pretty slow as of late, although its developer has confirmed that things will change in Spring 2018 with the release of the Aquatic update. Oh, and if there was any possible lingering doubt of the game’s popularity, it’s now flogged 144 million copies worldwide, making it the second best-selling game ever behind Tetris.

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