Minecraft is still the biggest force in gaming today with 2018 being its best year on mobile yet.

Odds are pretty good that no matter who you are, you’ve probably played Minecraft at some point in your life. After releasing way back in the heady days of 2011, Minecraft quickly expanded from a purely PC project to both mobile and console game markets. Now there’s not a single digital device that can’t play Minecraft if you really try hard enough.

Minecraft’s mobile version was released shortly after the main game in 2011 and it has been a growing source of revenue as more and more games are being purchased on mobile devices. In fact, 2018 was Minecraft’s biggest year in terms of sales, with Sensor Tower estimating 2018 annual income at $110 million.

That’s a 7% increase over the year before, which brought in $103 million.

The first quarter of 2018 sort of set the stage for Minecraft’s digital hegemony with a best-ever first quarter sales of $30 million. That’s $10 million per month just from people buying cutesie Moana skins for their polygonal avatars.

Sensor Tower goes on to describe Minecraft’s user base, which is still mostly American at 48% of all sales. The United Kingdom slides in at second place with 6% of total sales, while Japan comes in third at just 5%.

Minecraft’s mobile version alone has grossed half a billion dollars since 2014 when Mojang got bought out by Microsoft for $2.5 billion and creator Markus Persson was catapulted into the Forbes list of world’s billionaires.

Total sales have climbed to 144 million, with an astounding 74 million active monthly users. There’s no telling how many billions of dollars Microsoft has made off the game since buying it in 2014, but it has most definitely been more than the $2.5 billion they paid for it.

Minecraft remains the second best-selling game of all time, just behind Tetriswhich continues to make gains thanks to reboots like Tetris 99.