A new set of skins are available in Minecraft with the Super Cute Texture Pack available now through the game’s marketplace.

The new skin pack that’s found here through the game’s marketplace is made by the Minecraft team, so you won’t have to worry about any quality concerns when purchasing the Super Cute Texture Pack. An announcement for the texture pack that was shared yesterday referred to it as Minecraft’s “cutest makeover ever” and previewed some of what’s included in it.

“Yes, our talented artists have ‘cuted up’ (scientific term) Minecraft to shockingly adorable new levels,” Minecraft’s Tom Stone wrote in the announcement article. “Rosy-cheeked Creepers! Cakes with faces! Rainbows, smiles everywhere and joy pouring out of every pixel! Even the zombies look cuter than ever as they munch on your brains. D’awwwww!”

There’s no trailer out for the new Minecraft skin pack, but the images above and below should give you an idea of what all of the game’s various mobs will look like once you buy and enable the pack. A close-up image shared through the announcement post shows a more detailed look at the Creeper mentioned above along with other mobs that come with the pack’s 15 different player skins.

“The Super Cute Texture pack is available now in the Minecraft Marketplace,” the announcement continued. “It’s got bouncing bunnies, ultra-adorable unicorns, brilliant bumblebees and, er, burgers? Yes, burgers! Even the squid will make you Squeee! This texture pack comes with 15 skins to make your game cuter than ever.”
Minecraft Creeper
(Photo: Mojang)

This new texture pack costs 660 Minecraft Coins, the game’s currency that allows players to buy different items from the marketplace. This equals out to roughly $5, a typical price for the texture packs that change the game’s world and the way that players look with the packs’ various skins.

The Minecraft team has made several other packs that are available in the marketplace as well if you want to stick to the most official of the options. Another examples of these is Minecraft’s The Incredibles skin pack that was released not long ago alongside the series’ second movie. That one costs a bit less at just 490 coins, but it’s a skin pack and not a texture pack, so you’ll only have your human characters taking on a new look.

Minecraft’s Super Cute Texture Pack is now available to purchase and download https://marketplace.minecraft.net/en-us/pdp?title=super-cute-texture-pack.