Microsoft is set to launch the iPad version of Minecraft: Education Edition to schools in September, the company confirms in a statement.

On its official website, Microsoft said students can now use their iPads to build historic monuments, bring creative stories to life, and swim through coral reefs through its Update Aquatic.

Students can also experiment with chemistry and document their accomplishments with its camera and portfolio features. Minecraft: Education Edition can also discuss subjects like STEM, history, language, art, among others.

Minecraft: Education Edition is designed to help teachers incorporate the software into their curriculum, including their lesson plans and sources. Microsoft said teachers who are using Minecraft: Education Edition could utilize the beginner’s tutorial world and access the game’s official website for a number of free classes online.

Teachers can also seek help year-round onboarding and classroom support from a global community of “Minecraft Mentors” and from the growing community composed of 35 million licensed teachers and students in 115 countries.

According to Kyriakos Koursaris, head of Education Technology for PaRK International School, Minecraft: Education Edition on iPad will open new ways of collaboration between students and teachers to explore curriculum and projects.

“The features allow for deep and meaningful learning, and the values it promotes, from inclusivity to 21 century skills, empower everyone to use technology with extraordinary results,” Koursaris said.

How To Get ‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ On iPad?
Microsoft said that if a school is licensed through Microsoft 365 for Education (A3 or A5), it already has access to Minecraft: Education Edition and could download the app onto iPads in September. However, school administrators must assign the available licenses to the teachers who want to use it.

In addition, Microsoft has updated Intune for Education to help IT administrators manage student devices from a unified, streamlined console.

If a school is interested in introducing Minecraft: Education Edition on iPad to teachers and students, but has not purchased a license in the past, a volume licensing agreements is available through the Microsoft Store for Education and other resellers. Schools shell out for the annual subscription of the software, but they can try it out for free for up to 25 teacher logins and 10 student logins.

Update For ‘Minecraft’ Windows 10 PC And Xbox Users
Microsoft said that Minecraft players and families who play outside of school using Windows 10 PC and Xbox console could now use the Chemistry Resource Pack that was originally released for Minecraft: Education Edition.

According to Microsoft, the Chemistry Resource Pack package includes lab tables, element blocks, and items that are craftable only using the new chemistry features. Players can enjoy the Chemistry Resource Pack by going to Create New World option in the game and toggle the Education option under the Cheats menu.