Minecraft: Education Edition has received an update recently, and with the update comes its new Code Builder. The new tool brings a code-editing interface to the Minecraft worlds, allowing players to perform various tasks, such as creating custom Minecraft commands.

The Education Edition has a user base of more than two million players, and children who have the new update can open the code builder by simply hitting the C key (or the Access button at the top on tablets like the iPad), which opens the UI that allows the child to drag and drop customizable elements of code onto the canvas. Children can customize the text in the colored segments by changing variables such as items, numbers, and actions.

“Voyage Aquatic” lets leaners put together code tiles to solve puzzles.

The Education Edition is available on Windows 10, iPads, and macOS devices, with iPads being a very recent addition. Windows 10 computers and iPads should see the update hit automatically, however Mac users might need to install the update manually.